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Your business grows with proper development and process

A business is made up of many moving parts.

Your business is successful when these are working well together and you can make quick, effective decisions.

Strategic Business Model

Achieve your business Goals

Strategic Business Process

Manage your business effectively

Strategic Business Consulting

Focus on Client acquisition and retention

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Consultant Corner – Your first business task

The first thing, the one thing, the only thing you should do if you can only do one thing for your business? What it is and why it matters. More on this and how to use it in my course “How to Launch Your Business as a Freelance Consultant”, on Udemy or on Skillshare. 
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Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

How To Write Your Meeting Agenda

What are meetings? Meetings are about multiple people contributing to an idea, a question, or a decision.  Once you have determined your meeting topic and structure, you get everyone to the table… and then what? How do you make sure the conversation stays on topic, and that everybody is able to share new ideas? Enter:…
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What is a meeting

I would never write about what a thing is not, without clarifying what the thing is. Meetings are where information goes to grow.  Bringing two or more minds together is about producing a new idea that one mind on its own would not be able to create.  At the end of every meeting, each participant…
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