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Passion Needs Action

It is helpful, every now and then, to get a little bit philosophical. Last week’s look at passion was a chance to remind yourself that working through the challenges and successes of running a business is part of the fun. Or “fun”. It does not, however, stop there. Passion, to have impact, requires action. And…
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For Love of the Game

This weekend we will see the opening of the FIFA Women’s World Cup; that is the soccer world cup of women’s national teams. You may already be familiar with my soccer/business analogy, and how a well-run business also has a front office, a midfield, and a defense.  Women’s soccer specifically brings us another analogy about…
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Consultant Corner – Find the Problem

Why problem solving fails: the misdiagnosis of the problem. Follow these three steps to find the correct diagnosis to cure. For more on Decision Making and Problem Solving, see my Udemy course: Business Decision Making: Solve Problems with Confidence. 
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