My Business Strategies

A business is made up of many moving parts. Your business is successful when these are working well together and you can make quick, effective decisions. A carefully crafted strategy makes this possible.

Competitive Strategy

Build a Competitive Advantage to Growth

Product Strategy

Make your product relevant, effective and available

Revenue Strategy

Focus on Client acquisition and retention

Management Strategy

Build a workplace of productive and effective people

Innovation Strategy

Be a Leader in the Evolution of Value

My Business Models

Ongoing business advisory, a plan to organize an aspect of your business or training for your group? For a solution in any of my five strategy areas, pick your preferred model below.


It’s lonely at the top. To help make order of your information overload and to challenge your assumptions, work with an advisor.

How it works

Regular meetings to review your business goals, concerns and current activities and ensure you are making data-driven, long term decisions.


$180-$220 per Hour

Strategy Engagement

Build a documented strategy to manage the diverse parts of your business administration.

How it works

We will work together through a series of inputs to collect the information and assemble an effective strategy and action points for your business.




Training for your colleagues or management team will share best practice and decision making strategies.

How it works

Host a series of on-site workshops, including a review of your efforts.


Half day: $600 + $45 per person


2 Hours: $350 + $45 per person

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