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A business is made up of many moving parts: legal and accounting needs, human resources, company culture, marketing expertise, sales and customer experience needs, and most importantly a great product.

How do you tie all these functions to the same goal?

With Strategy.

RG Brizi Business Advisory

Start Ups

Starting Out New

When you start a new business you are always doing two things: working in your business, and working at your business.


In other words: you are doing it all


That is a lot to keep straight and it can be hard to maintain focus, stay organised and be productive, all while trying to build a business from scratch.


I can work with you to keep you on track and go beyind making good decisions to finding good solutions

Business Growth

Need to Grow

Perhaps results are not what you expected: in sales, revenue, or customer retention. Maybe you find yourself heavily client-dependent. It could be you are having trouble finding and keeping valuable employees.


You need better order, consistency and focus in decision making. I can help you evaluate the correct information and plan for growth, rather than survival.

Change Management

Nothing stands still
Travel Trip Map Direction Exploration Planning Concept

Everything changes and nothing stands still. Heraclitus knew it the 5th century BC, and anybody leading a business knows it today.


Whether it is a new product, new market, new competitor, new management or ownership, times of change will force you to question assumptions and tactics and perhaps start over.


By re-affirming and re-positioning your strategic goals, I will help you adapt to this change without missing opportunities or inventing a new wheel from scratch

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