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Consultant Corner – Why you should always have three deadlines

Managing deadlines is about time – but that should never over-ride quality. How do you ensure quality deliverable when your boundaries are time-based? Use rules of three. Consultant Corner videos are posted every Friday as part of the Freelance Translator Tips channel on YouTube. After years of tips and tricks for freelancers, we have introduced…
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Back to Hiring For Competence

I first introduced my view on Competencies in December. In the post I differentiate between what can be taught and what has to be innate, and it remains relevant to the current theme of this blog. See the full post here: Hiring for Competence.
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Examples of Professional Competencies

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash
Professional Competencies are about getting the work done. If Basic Competencies spoke to soft skills, then Professional Competencies point to a person’s effectiveness in the day to day tasks of the job. As mentioned, these are not about a specific technical skill, rather the universal abilities to, well, get things done. The categories of Professional…
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Examples of Basic Competencies

For many years we have been struggling with the definition – and correct appreciation – of soft skills. Basic Competencies are a useful replacement. Many employers find “soft skills” too vague: when it comes to actually evaluating and choosing a new employee they prefer a material selection process; something to which they can point with…
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Startup Buzz: Finding the Funding

I had the pleasure last week of attending this year’s Startup Buzz. The theme this time around was Finding the Funding. After this same event last year I shared the main criteria investors examine to select whether or not to invest in a new startup. This year the panel discussed various aspects of the planning…
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Competencies – What Are They

Hiring by competencies will encompass everything you need in terms of skill, behaviors and abilities. Competencies are transferrable to different environments, situations and problems, and point to superior performance and continuous improvement. So what is exactly is a competency? The word is often used interchangeably with skill or behavior, both of which are not quite correct. So…
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