Consultant Corner – Determine Your Price

We established you should discuss price. But what should that price be? From my Friday YouTube series: Consultant Corner 0.56 Benchmark – Market rates 2.24 Upside – Client Wins 5.15 Downside – Your Costs My online Courses: How to Start a Business as a Freelance Consultant : Effective Decision Making in Business:
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Practice Makes Perfect … Maybe

Roger Federer, the great tennis player, was not always the Roger Federer we know today. In his early competition years he was known to make unforced errors and throw tantrums at his own mistakes. As he tells it, he had a natural affinity for tennis. Many complicated decisions and techniques came easy to him, and…
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Consultant Corner – What you do matters

From my regular Friday YouTube series: Consultant Corner.  If branding is everything you do, let’s talk about some of the things that you do, in fact, do. 0.50 Content 1.54 Language 3.27 Preparation 4.30 Posture 6.12 Delivery My online Courses: How to Start a Business as a Freelance Consultant : Effective Decision Making in…
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SLA GA Lunch event – Manage Your Stress at Work

On October 23rd, the Georgia chapter of the Special Libraries Association had the pleasure of hosting Jill Wener, doctor and meditation coach, to talk to us about stress management. Most SLA members are people who work in offices, with colleagues, serving internal clients, managing multiple projects, … all factors that can add to stress in…
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The Number One Rule of Product Descriptions

The first thing we know about our business is what we sell. As we develop our strategic plans, we also define the problem that we solve. Once we go to market, we are tasked with describing this in a way to attract the right attention, and in only a few sentences. Follow this rule to…
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Consultant Corner – When should you talk price

➡️ Talking about money is vulgar, talking about price is scary. When is the right time to discuss your prices? 0.33 Why to talk about money 2.02 When to talk about money 4.28 How to talk about money Find my profile and blog at My online Courses: How to Start a Business as a…
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