Library Conference Recap

On Tuesday of last week we held our joint ALLA/SLA Conference Recap event. These are the Atlanta Law Library Association, and the Special Libraries Association, for whose GA chapter I am president-elect. A quick word for those unfamiliar with these associations: members are information professionals with a wide array of job titles, who work in…
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How to Build Strong Business Values

Values are all about self-reflection. The good news is: you have complete control over your corporate values. There are few things in business over which you can claim to have full control. But values is one of them and that makes it essential to your strategy. The bad news is: we often get lost in…
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Consultant Corner – Always Be Marketing

The more clients you have, the more you should be marketing for new clients. 0.15 Serving clients vs finding new ones 1.50 Your responsibility is to your own business 3.27 How can you market constantly? 6.10 Plan, Review, Do My online Courses: How to Start a Business as a Freelance Consultant : Effective Decision…
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Quoted: How to Make Better Business Decisions

I am delighted to feature once again in the NCR Silver blog, courtesy of a writer Meg Hall. How to Make Better Business Decisions Seeing my online course: Effective Decision Making in Business, Meg and I had an exchange about how business owners and leaders can make their decisions impactful for the long term. Click…
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Manage Like an Italian Nonna

I have written in the past about the similarities between good management and Italian food. Today let’s elaborate on how to make this happen. “Nonna” is Italian for grandmother, and it is typical for people to use their “Nonna”‘s classic recipe for whatever they are cooking – the previously mentioned secret ingredient or special step.…
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Consultant Corner – Keep In Touch

Continuing the video series about connections and networking: How do you keep in touch with all these people you are meeting through networking?  0.26 Networking is about the follow up 1.13 Be Prompt 2.33 Propose the next step 5.59 Ask for something 6.49 And then… My online Courses: How to Start a Business as a…
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