Small Business Leadership Conference

Running a business is a balancing act, first and foremost of working at your business versus working in your business. My job is to help my clients manage this balance effectively increasing productivity, growth and focus. The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship has the same goal. They provide classes, training programs, speakers and, of…
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Linked Data – The Metadata Problem

Thursday of two weeks ago I attended the SLA GA’s education and networking luncheon, with a talk entitled: Introduction to Linked Data for Librarians presented by Cliff Landis, Digital Initiatives Librarian at the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library. We were teased with the blurb: “Linked data is fundamentally changing how people will access information in…
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Why You Should Perform a Resource Audit

Your strategy may be well planned, with a list of tactics, milestones, and to dos. Or perhaps your preference is to follow opportunity as it arises and not make too many decisions upfront. In either case, how are you ensuring your time is spent on maximum productivity? Can you confirm that you are having the…
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Hear Me Speak – JMI Small Business Leadership Conference

It is my absolute pleasure to be presenting at this year’s Jim Moran Institute’s Small Business Leadership Conference held in Orlando, FL, from August 1st – 3rd. This year’s conference theme is: It’s All About The Customer! Regular readers of this blog will know that I could not give up an opportunity to participate in this…
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What Not To Do

Recently I was preparing for a brief talk on Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, and it got me thinking of another reason I admire Porter: his great quote that “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”. Working on a new strategy, tactic or general idea is exciting. Enthusiasm grows, energy abounds, and…
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Consultant Corner – Email writing (viewer request)

Responding to a viewer request, I share some tips for writing emails: 3 universal rules and 3.5 email types you need on a regular basis. Also, how much I do not stand still if I speak while standing.   How to Start a Business as a Freelance Consultant online course and check out my newest course:…
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