Business Values: Management Starts Before You Hire

It is the eternal dilemma of the manager or business owner: how to manage people with inspiration, leadership, and motivation, still maintaining a results-driven approach? Of course you want to nurture your team, let people develop their strengths, create a job they will enjoy, and more. But not to the detriment of meeting targets. How…
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Educational Sales

“What should I do with this email list?” Not an uncommon question, and there are numerous strategies and tactics you can employ to make the most of your email list. But before you design your cadence, you must determine your governing strategy, which is more about your business than it is about your email list.…
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Consultant Corner – Viewer Question: Keeping in Touch

How do you keep in touch without annoying your contacts or coming across the wrong way? In response to a viewer question. ✅ And for more check out my course: “How To Launch Your Business as a Freelance Consultant“
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Innovate Always

It is a growing trend to see businesses allocate specific time to strategy and innovation. And that’s a good thing. But it shouldn’t stop there. Innovation will be effective if it is based on the correct information. That information gathering should be happening continuously. Here are two ways you can build innovative thinking into your…
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Educational Sales – the What

Last week we took a close look at enterprise sales and the various level of customers within each client organization.  This led us to Educational Sales. But what is educational sales? And how do you do it? Why educational sales B2B sales will always be decision by committee. And not all people involved in the…
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Consultant Corner – Out Of Control Sales

How do you control your sales growth? You don’t. Here’s what you do instead. See all my Udemy courses here:
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