My Udemy Courses

That’s right: I also have several online courses available for purchase on the Udemy platform. See below for a description of the current selection, and subscribe to my newsletter to be alerted when I add new courses. Effective Decision Making in Business How to Be a Successful Freelance Consultant Master your Meetings See all my…
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Make Money or Raise Money

I recently had occasion to revive this Gary Vaynerchuk classic quote: Make Money: Don’t Raise Money As business mantras go, this one is pretty powerful. In this case Gary Vee has two main points in mind: the importance of sales capabilities, and the sustainability of the VC culture (which he questions). There is a more…
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Consultant Corner – It’s not about the money, money, money

Is revenue the goal or the journey?
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Don’t Forget the Midfield

Goals get people on their feet. At each goal the stadium erupts, lights and music join the cheer, and excitement is at a ten. But what makes the game great is what happens in the midfield. A soccer field is a lot of space to cover. Getting the ball into the opposing teams box takes…
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Consultant Corner – How not to negotiate

It’s not about the win-win. A better approach to negotiating.
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How I Work – Services

Ask 12 Italian grandmothers for their tomato sauce recipe, and you will get thirteen different answers. They will all use tomatoes, olive oil, basil… but the quantities will vary, as will the one special ingredient everyone has. Every business has to have a product, clients, good people, but the specific recipe is unique to each…
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