Inside Your Comfort Zone

Have respect for the comfort zone. Last week I wrote about working outside your comfort zone – addressing the instruction we are given every day by friends, gurus, and social media memes. You will note that my suggestion is to always take a step outside this defined “comfort zone”. In other words: you’re not leaving…
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Consultant Corner – Course Excerpt: Paired Comparison Analysis

An excerpt form my course, Effective Business Decision Making Find it at and use promo code PROMO23 to enroll for life for $10.99
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Outside Your Comfort Zone

This expression risks going the way of Thinking Outside The Box: a bit of sound advice whose overuse has made it virtually meaningless.  But it really is sound advice, so let’s take a moment for a closer look at how understanding the limits of your comfort zone – and then moving beyond them – will…
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Consultant Corner – Why? Why why why why?

A method to learn what your clients really value. So you can sell what they buy, instead of what you do.
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Jinfo Article – Finding a balance between expert service and self-service

Subscription Required Jinfo’s popular “State of the industry” Community sessions were back for another year tackling some key challenges for 2019. I was given the pleasure of writing a summary: Finding a balance between expert service and self-service.  Two key areas were given prominence, including the tension between higher value expert work and self-service offerings…
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Who Owns Your Time?

Have you ever tried tracking your time at work? How much visibility do have over how your hours are spent? Before you answer, consider this scenario: you take your can in to the mechanic’s. You explain what is happening – a strange noise, a tug to the left – and the mechanic says “I understand,…
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