Jinfo Article – Balancing agile development with a waterfall strategy

Subscription Required Do you manage new initiatives as one large project that is planned, executed and then tested at the outcome? Or as a series of multiple mini-projects with shorter milestones and continuous re-design? Is there are right way and a wrong way? This is the subject I tackle in my latest Jinfo article, written…
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Management versus Leadership

There is plenty of talk about management versus leadership, often pitting the two in opposition to one another. Generally the contrast is based on a leader being focused on inspiration, and a manager being focused on activities. I agree with these assessments, but I also believe both are necessary in a well-run company. Leaders and…
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Consultant Corner – Practice does not make perfect

Practice does not automatically mean improvement. How can you ensure your learning and skills are always growing? 1.22 Know the goal 3.05 Use systems 4.02 Get Feedback My online Courses: How to Start a Business as a Freelance Consultant : Effective Decision Making in Business:
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Join Me: Small Business Speed Coaching and Masterclass 2.0

Whether starting or already running your business, good guidance is key. For a full day of business coaching and training on March 9th at Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, join six speakers covering different business topics at the Small Business Speed Coaching & Masterclass 2.0 The morning will include speed coaching sessions titled Millionaire Mindset and…
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Be The Best Option

People have options in life. Whenever you buy a product or service, you choose what to buy, based on the issue you want resolved. Your clients are the same, they have choices. You may know that you are the best and obvious choice for them, but here’s the problem: all of your competitors know that…
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Startup vs. Small Business

This differentiation has come up several times recently, and it is worth highlighting they key difference between a Startup, and an actual Small Business. Startups are about acceleration. The priority is rapid growth in terms of market share, recognition, and customer loyalty, before your competition really know what is happening. These factors are more important…
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