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Value: It’s Not About You

value proposition

Last week we looked at how price and service are intrinsically linked, because service determines value and price is the manifestation of value. Value is a key area where my business mantra applies: It’s not me, it’s you.  There are two key things to know about Value: It is subjective It is what clients buy,…

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Service vs Price: Who Wins?

Where should a business strategy focus to win clients? Does better service outweigh a higher price? Or are most buying decisions ultimately a battle between pricing options? Most business owners and leaders have wondered this at some point or another; often after having lost a deal to a cheaper competitor. Slashing prices seems like such…

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Time To Dismantle Your Business

This has come up before on this blog: if you can cannibalize your business, you should. This is part of the promise of excellence that you make to your clients. To always be excellent, you must always be improving. Running a business tends to leave little time for strategic thinking. One key goal of this…

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Quality – What’s In A Word

You see it all the time: a website, a brochure, a speaker, promising that their company’s number one mission is to provide “Quality” of product or service. And I have to ask: what is the alternative? If the best you can promise is quality, you have not given enough thought to what makes you good…

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Consultant Corner – How to make You matter

Your clients don’t need you. They need a service. How do you make YOU part of what they need? 0.28 Why YOU matter1.28 Why you2.52 How you4.25 You and whom6.00 Are you promoting yourself? Or the competition? My online Courses:How to Start a Business as a Freelance Consultant : Effective Decision Making in Business:

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The Number One Rule of Product Descriptions

The first thing we know about our business is what we sell. As we develop our strategic plans, we also define the problem that we solve. Once we go to market, we are tasked with describing this in a way to attract the right attention, and in only a few sentences. Follow this rule to…

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Your Number One Priority in Business

On a recent flight, I finally paid attention to the welcome message telling me that my (and my fellow passengers’) safety was the airlines number one priority. Wait a second, I thought. Then how will you get me to destination? We all know that in many forms of transport, the safest option is usually to…

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Jinfo Article – What problem does your information centre solve?

My latest article for Jinfo is now live [Subscription required]. Success in business is always about the value that you bring, whether that value is to your external clients, your internal users, your supervisors and directors, etc. In this article I discuss how Information Departments can define and prove value to their organizations. If you…

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Consultant Corner – Don’t save me time or money

As value propositions go, saving time and money are pretty weak. Here’s why and what to promise instead. 0.40 What is value? What is not value? 4.02 Do not cannibalize your business My online Courses: How to Start a Business as a Freelance Consultant : Effective Decision Making in Business: 

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