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Learn from Lessons Learned

 It is said that the more you learn, the less you know.  What is really happening is that the more we learn, the more we realize we have to learn.  Which is why every major project, initiative, client, and more deserves to end with a “Lessons Learned” review.  What Lessons Learned are not A list…

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Consultant Corner – Systems

The Freelance Translator Tips YouTube channel is run by Lugano Translations, an agency founded and run by my very own brother, Robert Gebhardt. Begun as a resource for translators, much of the content provides valuable tips to freelancers in general. Noting this, Robert decided to open this further to the solo-practice consultant world; the world…

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Professional Patois – Low Hanging Fruit

Low Hanging Fruit In sales, a person who can be easily persuaded. In other words, focus on the prospects who will convert easily and quickly. In productivity this is a task that can be easily done and marked off your list. Many people apply this approach so they can feel accomplished easily, and hope it…

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Project Planning – Lost In Translation

This image really says it all (click to enlarge). I don’t have a source, unfortunately, as it was shared with me on a feed. If anybody does know the provenance please do say so in the comments. We have all seen this happen – in one guise or another. Every business transaction includes the input…

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Strategy vs Tactics

Understanding the difference between strategies and tactics (and, I would add, goals) is key to good business planning. This is subject matter I have covered previously and which, I am sure, I will cover continuously throughout this blog. I never tire of effective ways to differentiate these elements, and was recently sent another gem to…

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