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Consultant Corner – Not an elevator pitch

I received a question on my previous 4 videos: have we been constructing an elevator pitch? Well, not quite… but also yes… watch on to find out. ✅ Skillshare user? Check out my latest course: Decision Making – A Framework For Your Business 

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Information – Knowledge – Wisdom

Learn the Lessons

Information is knowing what you are. Let’s say, you’re a CPA. Saying “I’m a CPA” demonstrates that you have the correct information. Knowledge is knowing what you do. “I complete your tax return and do your monthly book keeping”. This demonstrates that you know what the information means, you know what being a CPA entails.…

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Consultant Corner – Introduce Yourself

Don’t be that person… handing out cards and selling insurance. How to introduce yourself for maximum effect. Are you ready to launch your freelance consulting business? See my course for your step by step guide to launch.…

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Why You Should Focus on Differentiation

We all want to stand out. Our businesses need to stand out. It is not enough to be good at something, for a business to be successful it must have its own special approach and skills. What is Differentiation Differentiation is the process by which you make a product or service distinct from the competition.…

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How to Understand Sales Jargon

Nobody likes a conversation full of buzzwords. Do your clients and colleagues a favor and forego the sales jargon along with the industry jargon. What is Sales Jargon As we are focusing on your customers in this series, let’s look specifically at the sales jargon people use when speaking with prospects. There are so many…

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How to Understand Your Jargon

To recap: the first step to problem solving selling – and better conversations with your prospects in general – is to remove industry jargon from your talking points. What is Jargon Some of these terms are easy, but others are less obvious. There are some perfectly common and everyday words that – when used within…

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Consultant Corner – Three Words You Want to Avoid

When you talk about what you solve versus what you sell, the words you use, matter. From the latest Consultant’s Corner on the FTT YouTube website: here are three words weaken your marketing scripts and pitches. Here are ways to avoid them and be specific about what you do. See the full channel on YouTube.

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What you Sell vs What you Solve

Once you start thinking about Problem Solving rather than Product Selling, your focus shifts to your client’s needs. How can you make this shift in your own business? Contact me for a Training Session. 

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Problem Solving Sales

This is where we are now. Selling is about buying, and the solution is about the problem. A solid sales approach is about more than matching the customer to the product. We now look at sales process, implementation, delivery, use and all touch points as part of the problem solving. A Subtle Change What is…

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