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Change Something Today

Last January I talked about new year’s habits as an option to new year’s resolutions: New year’s resolutions are list items we can start to forget by about mid-February. New year’s goals are targets we can miss and return to for the first six months of the year. New year’s habits, however, are a structured…

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Rescue a CEO – Setting Goals

It is a pleasure to be once again quoted in the CEO Nation blog: Rescue a CEO. See the article 20 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Determine and Set Their Goals, and check out response number 16.

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Different is Good – or Italy vs France

Unique Value Proposition

The last month or so of posts all stemmed from considering Italian cooking and its similarities to good management. Italian food is common, popular, and often adapted to new locations and tastes. However, in Italy itself there are about half the number of Michelin-starred restaurants as there are in France. And Italy is ok with…

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How to Build Strong Goals

A couple of weeks ago we discussed managing with the correct balance of direction and freedom, and that to achieve this balance, a business needs a strong value statement and strong goals. If your people know where you are headed, they can use their own strengths and ideas to get you there. Having already shared…

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Manage Like an Italian Nonna

I have written in the past about the similarities between good management and Italian food. Today let’s elaborate on how to make this happen. “Nonna” is Italian for grandmother, and it is typical for people to use their “Nonna”‘s classic recipe for whatever they are cooking – the previously mentioned secret ingredient or special step.…

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The Right Way to Build Process

Words you will have read multiple times on this blog are: “there is no single right way, but the are many wrong ways”. Process mapping and building is no different. Below are key facts to consider when building a process to make it effective as well as malleable to environmental change. To, in other words,…

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It’s Time to Start Enjoying Business Process

I mean… what’s not to enjoy? Building a process that begins at point A, understands the arrival point B, and connects all those dots with effective steps and outcomes is actually the sort of thing I might do for fun. But then, that’s why I am in this job and my clients are in theirs,…

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