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Make Money or Raise Money

I recently had occasion to revive this Gary Vaynerchuk classic quote: Make Money: Don’t Raise Money As business mantras go, this one is pretty powerful. In this case Gary Vee has two main points in mind: the importance of sales capabilities, and the sustainability of the VC culture (which he questions). There is a more…

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The Right Way To Do A Resource Audit

In last week’s post we summarized some key internal resources a business must review and audit to effectively plan and get things done. The approach discussed works best for service businesses, which is what I tend to serve. Let’s broaden the scope this week and examine what goes into a resource audit for any type…

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Why You Should Perform a Resource Audit

Your strategy may be well planned, with a list of tactics, milestones, and to dos. Or perhaps your preference is to follow opportunity as it arises and not make too many decisions upfront. In either case, how are you ensuring your time is spent on maximum productivity? Can you confirm that you are having the…

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Startup Buzz: Finding the Funding

I had the pleasure last week of attending this year’s Startup Buzz. The theme this time around was Finding the Funding. After this same event last year I shared the main criteria investors examine to select whether or not to invest in a new startup. This year the panel discussed various aspects of the planning…

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Consultant Corner – Never Work For Free

Always get paid for your work – whether in money or a return that directly impacts on your business growth. First rationalize the advantage to you, then rationalize the change in payment terms. In this video I discuss why and how never giving discounts doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your payments.

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Qualitative Cashflow Management

It’s not how much, it is just “how”. How does good cashflow management provide solutions to problems before they arise? Your business plan is alive and dynamic. The financial part of it is no different, it is evolving with you and is continuing to inform your decisions. Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software, defines it…

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