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Selling Peace of Mind

A comment I have heard in at least four different conversations over the past couple of months: “I sell peace of mind”.  The four people who said this were: an attorney, a beauty salon owner, an auto mechanic, and a doggy day care owner.  But they all sell the same thing… or do they?  What…

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Your Ideal Client

Might have red hair, or be a company with fifty employees, or drive a Honda. Your ideal client might have a certain job title, be in a particular marital status, have a particular responsibility. Different companies and products will have different essentials to describe their ideal clients. Each list of “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” will be…

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Rescue a CEO – Entrepreneurial Tips

Rescue a CEO is a blog operating under the CEO Blog Nation umbrella, and I am delighted to have been featured as one of their 25 Entrepreneurs Sharing Business Tips. See number 17 on the page.

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Conference Recap – It’s All About the Customer

And if there is only one take-away from this post – and the conference – let it be this: that it is, indeed, all about the customer. Even those things that are, seemingly, not about the customer, like internal operations, employee training, investor communication, etc. A business needs a viable market opportunity to be successful,…

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Small Business Leadership Conference

Running a business is a balancing act, first and foremost of working at your business versus working in your business. My job is to help my clients manage this balance effectively increasing productivity, growth, and focus. The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship has the same goal. They provide classes, training programs, speakers and, of…

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Hear Me Speak – JMI Small Business Leadership Conference

It is my absolute pleasure to be presenting at this year’s Jim Moran Institute’s Small Business Leadership Conference held in Orlando, FL, from August 1st – 3rd. This year’s conference theme is: It’s All About The Customer! Regular readers of this blog will know that I could not give up an opportunity to participate in this…

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Quoted: 10 Business Buzzwords It’s Time to Retire

(Photo: Gustavo Frazao/Shutterstock)

A big thank you to Meg Hall of Creative Kitsune and NCR Silver for using me as a source for their blog post: 10 Business Buzzwords It’s Time to Retire Following on my series of blog posts on effective messaging towards problem solving, and my ongoing series on buzzwords to avoid, Meg called me up…

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Nobody Wants Your Product – Still

We first discussed this last year – and it remains true: nobody wants your product. Understanding this is fundamental to Problem Solving sales. When people buy, it is not about you – the seller. It is all completely about them – the buyer. Do you know what happens after you have left the room? Do…

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What you Sell vs What you Solve

Once you start thinking about Problem Solving rather than Product Selling, your focus shifts to your client’s needs. How can you make this shift in your own business? Contact me for a Training Session. 

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