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Value: It’s Not About You

value proposition

Last week we looked at how price and service are intrinsically linked, because service determines value and price is the manifestation of value. Value is a key area where my business mantra applies: It’s not me, it’s you.  There are two key things to know about Value: It is subjective It is what clients buy,…

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Service vs Price: Who Wins?

Where should a business strategy focus to win clients? Does better service outweigh a higher price? Or are most buying decisions ultimately a battle between pricing options? Most business owners and leaders have wondered this at some point or another; often after having lost a deal to a cheaper competitor. Slashing prices seems like such…

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Make It Easy To Buy From You

You’ve been reading this blog for a while, and have by now determined your market position and messaging. People know who you are, and they know both what you do and what’s in it for them. Now what? Do these people know what to do next? Do they know how to hire you? If you…

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Why Do People Buy From You?

I ask this question of most of my clients when we start working together. Why you, and not the next guy? The answer will tell me what is important to the client. Then, as per my modus operandi,  I proceed to ask for proof, in order to test the assumptions made by the business owner.…

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What is a Budget Competitor

When making buying decisions, clients assign budgets to their needs. In a B2B environment, a budget is often assigned before the sales process begins.  What the budget tells At any moment in time, a budget is finite. A buyer determines how much, out of the available spend, can go towards solving the problems of the…

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Product Competition vs Replacement Competition

Identifying competitors is not as simple as it seems. As I introduced in last week’s post: there are many reasons why a prospect may choose not to buy, and each of these is a form of competition. Another product that does the exact same thing may seem to be the same as a replacement, but…

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What Happens After You Leave the Room?

And how can  you know? Defining your Solution is all about understanding that moment. You can hardly sell value to your clients if you don’t understand how their lives change thanks to your product or service. Almost all of my clients – whether for consulting work or training – request a work-through of Defining their…

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Evolution of Sales Conversations

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

There are as many ways to describe “Sales Eras” as there are sales people. A quick search will reveal sales stages and methods like manipulative versus consultative, push versus pull, barrier selling, relationship selling, transactional selling and much more. In my work I keep a focus on selling as being all about buying, and as…

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Are Objections Harming My Business? Part 2

Yesterday we examined a couple of situations in which a business owner believes he or she is not encountering objections in their business. Today, let’s look at a few more situations, where said business owner is aware of a sales problem, though perhaps not the specific role objections can play. I have dozens of sales…

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