Understand these Three People to Launch Your Business

Originally posted on LinkedIn

Whether you have new business, or are facing a moment of change or growth in your existing business, a correct understanding of these three people will almost guarantee business success.

What three people?

  1. There is You
  2. There is your Client
  3. And then there is who you are, to your client

Allow me to explain.


Who are you? What are your skills? What do you have to offer?

This sounds simple, but don’t be fooled. A proper understanding will require some analysis of your past, your performance and your preferences. (You may soon notice: I like to package most things in threes).

To define your product or service and how you can help other people, start with defining what you have to offer, with the proof of experience to back it up.

Your Client

Regular readers of my content have heard me say it time and again: nobody wants your product. They want the outcome of your product.

What circumstances have brought them to need your help, and how do they want their lives to improve as a result of working with you? This is all about them, not about you. Review how your skill will impact their business or life, and build your Unique Value Hypothesis.

Understanding where your clients wants to be after your product or service is essential to your business growth.

You To Your Client

Get ten people in a room and you will receive ten different opinions about the same thing. Sometimes, you are that thing. Everybody sees you and your service through their own lens of needs and preferences.

How can you unify a view to communicate value and experience to many different people at the same time? Through a consistent Brand Identity. Define who you are and how you will communicate that to your clients.

Need Some Help?

This work is the foundation to a business launch or growth, and you can get started on it right now.

If you want some help, join Ires Alliston and me at Cobb Galleria in Atlanta on January 25th, for a half day masterclass covering all of the above. This is a hands on workshop based on the principles above, to get the foundations you need to launch and grow your business successfully.