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Consultant Corner

Consultant Corner – Your first business task

The first thing, the one thing, the only thing you should do if you can only do one thing for your business? What it is and why it matters. More on this and how to use it in my course “How to Launch Your Business as a Freelance Consultant”, on Udemy or on Skillshare. 

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Consultant Corner – Speaking 101: Practice

Once you have your speaking material, it’s time to practice your style. Pay attention to these three things for a successful presentation. Speaking is a great marketing tool for freelancers and consultants. Launching your business? Start here on Udemy, or Skillshare.   

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Consultant Corner – Business School 101

My thoughts on the essentials to start a business: Product Clients  Delivery Launching your own business? Read the book that will write your foundation: Phrases for Business Success

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Consultant Corner – Not an elevator pitch

I received a question on my previous 4 videos: have we been constructing an elevator pitch? Well, not quite… but also yes… watch on to find out. ✅ Skillshare user? Check out my latest course: Decision Making – A Framework For Your Business 

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Consultant Corner – Who is your best client

Consider this video part four – see the previous three weeks’ videos for the rest. Now you know what to say to sell your service. The question remains: to whom??   See all my online courses here:

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