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Consultant Corner

Consultant Corner – Not an elevator pitch

I received a question on my previous 4 videos: have we been constructing an elevator pitch? Well, not quite… but also yes… watch on to find out. ✅ Skillshare user? Check out my latest course: Decision Making – A Framework For Your Business 

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Consultant Corner – Who is your best client

Consider this video part four – see the previous three weeks’ videos for the rest. Now you know what to say to sell your service. The question remains: to whom??   See all my online courses here:

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Consultant Corner – Do you know your service features?

Check out last week’s video about selling the Process. Process is part of your sales package, which must also include Features. Often confused with benefits or values, this video explains what features are and how to list your own service features. When you sell knowledge, this work becomes essential! To launch your new career as…

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Consultant Corner – Build Your Team

Ignore the naysayers, but listen to your support team. How do you know who is giving genuine support? How do you know who has your interest at heart? ➡️ And when you are ready to launch your own business, start here: How To Launch Your Business as a Freelance Consultant

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Consultant Corner – Find the Problem

Why problem solving fails: the misdiagnosis of the problem. Follow these three steps to find the correct diagnosis to cure. For more on Decision Making and Problem Solving, see my Udemy course: Business Decision Making: Solve Problems with Confidence. 

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