Strategic Business Model

Achieve your business goals

A written business model is your plan for prosperity

How do you provide value? What is your plan to achieve your business goals? Have you made it easy for people to buy from you?

Ensure you are running your business and it is not running you with a defined business model.

We will work on:

  1. Your product
  2. Your Clients
  3. Your Competition
  4. Your Sales
  5. Your Leadership


Half day: $1320 + $40 per person

3 Sessions: $2640 + $40 per person

Or $220 an hour

What my clients are saying...

What I find extremely helpful, is the customized solution you have provided. Instead of putting us through a standard one size fits all program, you are helping us work on the aspects that are most important to us. This allows us to focus on the areas that generate the most cash flow, while tweaking more long-term goals. This is key to us as a young company.

- Jay Hobdy, Gotcha Security

My thoughts on Business Models...

How Do You Keep Up?

“How do you remain ahead of competitors when dealing with digital challenges?” This question was presented in a small business forum, which I frequent. Things happen quickly in digital trends, customer preferences, and life in general, frankly. When a competitor seems to be making noise, the immediate reaction is often to try to one-up them.…

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Consultant Corner – Introduce Yourself

Don’t be that person… handing out cards and selling insurance. How to introduce yourself for maximum effect. Are you ready to launch your freelance consulting business? See my course for your step by step guide to launch.…

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Stop Selling

That is: if you want to grow your business. People who work with me regularly are familiar with my approach to sales, which is to refocus it on “buying”. A commercial transaction requires actions performed by another person. That is the key to a new sale: it is actually the other person performing the act…

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Quality – What’s In A Word

You see it all the time: a website, a brochure, a speaker, promising that their company’s number one mission is to provide “Quality” of product or service. And I have to ask: what is the alternative? If the best you can promise is quality, you have not given enough thought to what makes you good…

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Consultant Corner – Do you need a mission statement?

You are an independent contractor, freelancer, self-employed… do you really need a Mission Statement?

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Consultant Corner – Why? Why why why why?

A method to learn what your clients really value. So you can sell what they buy, instead of what you do.

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Five Competitive Forces

Last week I promised more information about the various competitive forces a business faces. In past posts we have tackled the categories of direct competition. This makes up just one of Porter’s Five Forces. What is the Five Forces model Michael Porter developed his “Five Forces of Competitive Position Analysis” in 1979, creating some timeless…

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Why You Should Welcome Competition

There really is space in the market for more than one of your. Focus on your differences, not your similarities, and learn to carve out your niche areas. More importantly: don’t focus on your competition when considering how to innovate and develop. We’ve mentioned this before, but Stephen Fry really says it best: What is…

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How do you differentiate yourself from your peers?

A fairly common question. And an important one. I answered this on an online forum recently, and it is worth sharing those thoughts here. As with much of what I say: start by being deliberate about who you are, what you do, and how you do it. The Answer Start by asking yourself: What do…

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Change Something Today

Last January I talked about new year’s habits as an option to new year’s resolutions: New year’s resolutions are list items we can start to forget by about mid-February. New year’s goals are targets we can miss and return to for the first six months of the year. New year’s habits, however, are a structured…

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