Write Your Business Plan

Because writing the Business Plan is the most important part of it all. Following on last week’s discussion about what investors want to see and why they would give you their money: to pitch an investor you would write a business plan. If you are not pitching investors … write it anyway. Write it for…
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Consultant Corner – Do you know your service benefits?

Does your messaging pass the “So What” test? ✍🏼 Run your business with confidence, check out my course: Business Decision Making: Solve Problems with Confidence Prefer Skillshare to Udemy? Then click here. 
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How To Attract Investors To Your Ideas

In all the forums and advice groups in which I participate, this question (and its many variations) is a common one. Not all businesses look for investors, but the answer to this question serves business owners in general planning as well, so it is always worth addressing. Indeed collecting the information you may need to…
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Consultant Corner – Do you know your service features?

Check out last week’s video about selling the Process. Process is part of your sales package, which must also include Features. Often confused with benefits or values, this video explains what features are and how to list your own service features. When you sell knowledge, this work becomes essential! To launch your new career as…
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Objections Make Good Questions

I have said it before and will say it again: Objections, in sales, are an opportunity for a conversation. When a prospect raises an objection, she is telling you something about what she needs. And that is an opportunity to ask more questions and continue the conversation. The Objection Conversation In a previous post I…
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Consultant Corner – Make it easy to buy from you

Sell the Process! How does somebody buy from you? The more mysterious the process, the harder it is to sell. Be explicit about what a client should expect to make it easy to buy from you. ➡️ One way to buy from me is to register to one of my online courses, see the full…
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